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Website Care Plans

Hasse-free website care plans

Maintaining a website is a daunting prospect. You’ve spent valuable, albeit necessary, time collaborating on the design and development of your WordPress website, only to be faced with its upkeep. Perhaps this was a prospect you were not familiar with – my process outlines this for my clients but some web designers don’t make it clear.

Regardless of whether you were expecting this or not the fact of the matter is, it is a long-term obligation that many website owners could do without. That’s why I offer WordPress Care Plans to all of my clients when they work with me on a new or updated website.

Website Care Plans

Save yourself time and money by hiring an expert who can take care of all your websites security, maintenance and support needs.

Achieve complete peace of mind in the knowledge that every part of your website will be cared for, on a daily basis.

Do what you do best and let me:

  • Protect your website from malicious attacks
  • Monitor your website and restore it if it goes down
  • Optimise your website, files and load times
  • Update your website a few times a month
  • Offer you VIP discounts on other services

The Care Plans I offer

I have three Care Plans on offer but I can produce custom plans upon request.

Care Plan LITE

security & upkeep
  • 50% off monthly hosting
  • 24/7/365 security & cleanup service
  • Weekly software updates
  • Weekly backups of your website
  • Image optimisation
£49.99 / month

Care Plan VIP

security, upkeep, support & growth
  • Includes all Pro benefits, plus...
  • Lead & Sale funnel setup
  • Setup of email nurturing campaigns**
  • 2 x A/B split tests per month
  • Live Chat/Chatbot integration
  • 5 x 30 minute small changes* per month
  • 35% discount on hourly rates
£249.99 / month

What premium licenses do I offer?

Enjoy achieving your goals, solving problems and growing your business with ease.

Premium Plugins and Tools

There a mixture of solution based premium plugins that provide functionality or benefits for your business. I’m always adding more to the “library”, so the value they bring increases over time!

What kind of benefits can I expect?…

  • Protect, backup, monitor and update your website and those of its plugins.
  • Grow your subscribers and capture more leads.
  • Track visitors, reach out and deliver retargeting ads that bring them back to your site.
  • Display a GDPR compliant cookie banner on your site.
  • Personalise the website experience and narrative for your target audiences.
  • Add powerful contact forms, which can take payments, accept signatures and much more...

Enjoy achieving your goals, solving problems and growing your business with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful answers to the common questions, for making an informed decision.

*What's considered a "small change"?

A small change is any design or technical task that you assign me with, that can be completed in full within 30 minutes or less.

What types of "small changes" do you offer?

Most requests are accepted. Major changes are chargeable. Confirmation of costs will be provided before work commences.

How do I request my support?

There is a dedicated support ticketing system for care plan subscribers only. Simply email and a ticket will be created. I will get back to you asap within office hours, which are 10am to 4pm Mon to Fri.

What happens if my website is compromised?

I take every reasonable measure to protect you against cyber attacks, such as malware. The double firewall pro-actively monitors your website 24/7/365, deflecting intruders and cleaning infected files.

If the worst should happen I can either remove the  malicious content or restore the website to a clean and healthy version.

**What are email nurturing campaigns?

Email nurturing involves sending a series of emails to new subscribers (leads) with the sole purpose of converting them into paid customers (sales).

In this scenario you would write the email content for 3 or more emails, or pay me to do it for you, and I’ll set it up in your outreach/marketing tool of choice (i.e. Mailchimp, Drip, Active Campaign…).

Can I roll over any unused changes?

No. Much like a mobile phone contract your allowances do not roll over. The same goes for your care plan.

Can I upgrade/downgrade at anytime?

Yes, simply email and request to upgrade or downgrade. For example LITE users can upgrade to PRO, and vice versa.

Next month your package will be billed according to your new billable amount.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, of course. You are not bound to a long-term contract. I will secure, upkeep and support you for as long as you are a care plan customer.

To cancel simply email and confirm you wish to cancel, and it wont renew next month.

If I cancel what happens to my premium license usage and discounts?

Care plans provide discounted/free hosting and license usage. Should you wish to cancel these discounts and freebies will no longer be available to you.

Having said that premium software installed on your website will not disappear, but note that they will quickly become out-of-date and updates will stop working. You will need to replace the licenses to continue updating the software on your website.

What my clients say about me​

I’m truly blessed to have awesome clients who help me to improve, each and every day.

I'm a long standing client of Oliver's. When my website was infected with malware he quickly cleaned it up. He takes "care" of all my on-going needs.
Debbie Stevens
Advanced Reflexologist
I'm thankful that I found Oliver to design my logo, brand and website. I know that he is available should I need his assistance.
Gary Parker
Learning and development specialist
Oliver takes care of all my web related tasks with due care and attention. His care plan is a valued investment to safe-guard my site.
Craig Paulding
Lion Windows & Doors

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