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Branding and Storytelling

It's more than just logos & words

What you look like and say to your target audience is vitally important and can tip the scales of success in your favour. A compelling story that resonates with your ideal customers will result in greater sales leads, conversion rates and more revenue for your business.

Telling the right story can take a lot of hard work, but you need not do it alone. My strategy and consultancy calls will help us plan out an authentic message to tell your audience.

How working with me benefits you​

Just some of the key benefits to working with me. Would you like to talk about the others?

Defining a brand

As previously mentioned a brand is more than just a logo, marketing materials, words and images. The truth of the matter is that your brand is your reputation. A perception, an experience and a culture. I will work with you to define your brand and its values, whilst positioning you for greater success.

Strategic positioning

How your brand positions itself in your sphere of influence greatly impacts the outcomes you will have, and whether those outcomes will be successful or not. We will work together to strategise and implement a plan of action that will take your existing, or new brand, to the next level.

Elevate your brand

Your brand has the ability to inspire, educate and dominate your target market. Getting your brand seen by the right people, in the right light can positively impact your brands exposure to new and exciting opportunities.

Thought leadership

The perfect place to position your brand is one of expertise and thought leadership. A beacon of knowledge and value that compels your target audience to think of you when they next have a need for your products or services.

Looking sharp

A brand has to look its best if its to do the first step, which is attract and draw in your audience. Choosing the right colours, fonts and "style" is a vital and complimentary component to the storytelling aspect of your brand.

Brand consistency

As part of my brand consultancy and strategy service I will produce a set of brand guidelines, or style guide, for you. This keeps your brand in check whenever and wherever it is deployed.

A compelling story

Your brand values, mission statement and sales pitch need to be interwoven and balanced. Telling a well-rounded and targeted story can help you resonate with your target audience, and compel them to choose you over your competitors.

Solving a need

Offering a solution to a need or issue is a powerful message indeed. If you can described and appreciate the desires of your ideal customers then you stand a far better chance of becoming their go to partner and service provider.

You’re in good company

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