What to expect…

My Process

No one likes feeling overwhelmed, so lets take it a step at a time – around about 8 weeks should do it.

STAGE 1 - (WEEK 1)
Onboarding and Discovery

First Contact

So you’ve made an enquiry or accepted mine. We’ll have a brief chat on the phone or exchange some emails, and if we’re a good fit for each other I’ll provide access to a quick 5-10 minute Discovery Questionnaire. This questionnaire is essential as it covers crucial and often overlooked details, which will enable me to deliver exactly what you need from me. Things like particular search terms for your products and services, who the website is for and other important aspects.

You can access your Discovery Questionnaire via your client portal account. Keep an eye out for my email!

Discovery Meeting

Now that you’ve logged in to your client portal and submitted your questionnaire responses, I’ll review and prepare for our upcoming recorded Discovery Meeting to explore the answers you gave. The idea is to deep dive into the project requirements and find the underlining pain points that need addressing to make this a successful project. I want to make sure I fully grasp your needs and issues before I issue a formal proposal.

Discovery Meetings are a paid for service due to the valuable insights they provide, which can be used to produce an awesome website with or without me.

Proposal and Terms

Of the back of our Discovery Meeting I now have all I need to draft up and send over a formal project proposal, setting out the project deliverables (what you’ll end up getting), delivery timescales, payment terms and terms of service.

If you are happy to proceed simply sign the dotted line and make your deposit payment.

STAGE 2 - (WEEK 2 - 6)
Design and Develop

Gathering Assets

This need not hold us up, but its hugely beneficial to send over anything you have relating to the website. For example a sitemap or page list, your brand / logo and images, website wording and so on. All of this data will help me to plan and deliver your project on time, and to your exact requirements.

When it comes to website wording/imagery I exclusively use a tool called Content Snare to request, remind and collect your content. I’ll be there to assist you in providing the right type of content, so that you don’t end up staring at a blank word document wondering what I need you to say. Content is your thing but it need not be a lonely or confusing experience.

Mockup and Feedback

This is essentially a flat design, often referred to as a Mockup. I will be sent over for you to comment on, and when I say “on” I mean in the literal sense.

You’ll receive an email with a web link to preview and comment on sections of the design, simply by clicking your mouse on the relevant part of the screen and typing away. These on-screen comments help me to know exactly where and what needs revision. We repeat this process until we have a solid design foundation.

Style Guide

Now that we have all the design elements sorted I’ll provide a guide on how to use your new or updated brand. This is referred to as a Style Guide. You can even request a printed version of the guide for use in an office or to share with co-workers.

Test Drive

The design I built will be turned into a functioning version of the final website. Instead of just viewing a static design, you’ll actually be able to move between pages and interact with the different elements of the page. Take it for a proper test drive, try to break it and give me all the feedback you can to help shape the final version.

Final Sign-off

Before we jump the gun and launch your website, and assume all is perfect, I’ll ask you to do a final and thorough check to se if there are any issues. Take a look at the spelling, is it correct? Consider the page links, are they all working as expected?

Of course I will do my own checks, but you know what they say “two eyes are better than one”.

STAGE 3 - (WEEK 7 - 8+)
Launch and Support

Launch It!

All that hard work and collaboration has led us to this point. We are now ready to push the website live and set it free. We can do this on a server with your hosting provider, or utilise my superior Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

On-going Care & Support

It’s really important that one of us keeps your website up-to-date, secure and refreshed. This is where my Website Care Plans come in handy.

Let’s face it you don’t need the hassle of checking in on your website to see whether plugins are getting old, if there’s some malicious files that need removing/celaning and of course adding new content to your blog or pages. My care plans remove this hassle from your plate for an affordable monthly fee.

In addition to the support I provide, you also benefit from free access to a wide selection of premium plugins. Each one giving value to your business and solving a need – even if you weren’t aware of it. For example I use ShortPixel to optimise all your images, reducing their file size impact on your website without degrading their quality. This type of optimisation can seriously speed up your website and make Google very happy.

Take a look at my Website Care Plans

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