You Sell, We Buy​

We were pleased to help You Sell We Buy transform their website from an unnecessary multi-page site, into a single page website, which reduced admin and improved user experience.

New website logo

Case Study

What did we do and how it helped

Changed site structure

Before we redesigned the website for You Sell, We Buy (yswb) there were a number of pages with little content in them. We therefore took the decision to combine the pages into one longer landing page, thereby reducing unnecessary clicks and page loading for visitors.

We believe this simple choice alone will decrease bounce rates and increase enquiries.

Fresh design and animations

With an optimised, single-page structure the website would require unique sections that were cleverly designed to standalone and keep the eye wanting more, leading to the eventual contact form where they could enquire/convert.

Subtle animations help with our need to keep visitors on the page and keep them actively engaged in the content.

Vector logo update for digital use

We were more than happy to replace the clients old logo with a new, vector ready alternative that closely matched the logo used at their physical locations.

Using the old logo would have limited our ability to keep the top of the website clean and compact, pushing valuable content further down the page, thereby negatively impacting the first impression their site visitors would experience.

TIP: “Above the fold” (what you first see on a page before scrolling) is prime real-estate and should always be reserved for compelling content.

Onsite SEO setup

Each page of YSWB has been optimised to work with Google and other search engines.

We make sure all images have alternative text, page headings are in the correct order, keywords are set and appear in page content, images are optimised etc.

All of this was done for YSWB as part of their Startup Fee. 

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