Tours of the Realm Case Study

Tours of the Realm commissioned us to produce a modern, contemporary and future proof website for their small, independent tour company.

Case Study

What did we do and how it helped

Building trust

Jane is well known and loved by her highly satisfied clients. She has established a personal brand over the many years of being a successful tour guide. Although it appears to be by accident, we used this to our advantage, placing new photos of Jane across the site to develop trust with the reader.

Modern, contemporary design

Tours of the Realm’s old website was produced in the 1990’s back when websites were trying to cram every ounce of info into a single pixel. The same was true of Jane’s previous website design.

Confusing navigation, poor design and small text made this site very hard on the visitor. We’re certain it was costing Jane a number of opportunities over the years!

We rip out the old website, repurposed what little content was still relevant, and worked with Jane to create a beautiful and engaging website experience.

SEO/Landing pages

Working with our SEO partner of choice we created landing pages to target certain terms/keywords to maximise Tours of the Realm’s search engine presence.

The landing pages were written by SO… Digital, with design and development by our team.

Showcasing awards

In the travel and leisure industry awards are pure gold for attracting and converting visitors into customers.

We placed all of Jane’s recent and best awards on the homepage so they could be seen as early on as possible.

TripAdvisor reviews

Like many leisure and travel / tour guides Jane has been on TripAdvisor for several years, utilising the platform to gather honest reviews from customers who took one or more of her tours.

Jane has dozens of outstanding reviews so we created a page dedicated to showcasing them. Visitors can now put their worries to rest and feel confident in enquiring about their next trip.

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