Deal Town FC Case Study

We’ve been working with Deal Town FC for over 5 years now, after creating their original website and getting them off the restrictive Pitchero football club platform.

Today we share with you vast improvements we made to their site for 2020. We hope you enjoy and if you have any questions, contact us.

Quick Comparison

Before and after their redesign

Before After

Oliver at Wunderful Designs has looked after our website for about 5 years now and this week we launched a new look webiste. Always on hand and excellent at coaching me to learn the new systems to run it.

Case Study

What did we do and how it helped

Better site introduction

The top of the site (aka “above the fold”) used to be dominated by the clubs logo and match dates, with little room for anything else.

Although match dates were conveniently placed they were all people saw before exiting the website.

The club wanted room for an impactful introduction along with latest images of matches or portraits, celebrating its achievements.

Improved style and structure

The old design had a very square edge look and feel, almost like a traditional news outlet website from the 90’s.

The redesign took away some of that squared look and we injected some style into the pages with flowing sections that were attractive.

Structure wise we made some improvements and stopped trying to squish every bit of useful info into a small middle area of the page. Instead we kept each section focused on one core purpose, to share info about an aspect of the club, such as fixtures and results, players in the team etc.

Integrating a club shop

Other football clubs in the local area have shops too but they nearly always take you off-site to an external shopping website. We felt it was important to retain visitors on the website so we could:

  • Keep them on the site longer
  • Increase confidence in buyers
  • Reduce confusion
  • Make it easy for purchasers to get in contact if they had any questions

The shop is powered by WooCommerce and is an ideal solution for the club to sell merchandise online.

Increasing sponsorships

Deal Town FC have always taken sponsorship to help fund the club and improve their facilities. This is a common practise in local sports clubs.

Before their redesign the sponsorship tiers available were difficult to understand and weren’t properly grouped into categories. However, they now have a really simple and clear layout that enables potential sponsors to make a decision, minus confusion.

This will increase conversion rates and bring on new sponsorship deals for the club.

Player profile pages

The football club player profiles never really had a decent layout so this had to be improved.

The first improvement we made was to properly display player portraits and their personal information/bio. Next we gave each player sponsor immediate exposure by showing their logo and contact details beside the player bio.

If a player is not sponsored we added a fallback that advertised sponsorship was available for the player. We’re confident this will help the club take on more player sponsors in 2020 and beyond.

2020 Deal Town FC Homepage

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